Cards Animations

Black Bank cardBlack Bank cardBlue Bank card

Your cards in one place

Banky lets you bring together all your cards in one place, so you can access them quickly when you need to.
Money Bag Emoji
Pink avatar Kyle
5:54 PM
🤑   Kyle sent you $150.00
Blue avatar John
5:56 PM
🤑   John sent you $55.00
Green avatar Matt
5:58 PM
🤑   Matt sent you $73.50

Get paid in seconds

The best way to send money to your friends. Download the app today and start receiving payments. Fast, easy and secure!
Spotify Subscription cardSubscription Card

Manage your subscriptions in one click

An all-in-one subscription manager that allows you to manage all your subscriptions in one place and on the go. With Banky, you’ll never miss a payment again.
Expenses listing Card
Expenses listing Card
Savings Card

See your expenses and save easily

Banky helps you set budgets, track your savings and make smart financial decisions in real time.